Welcome to Extreme Products Inc.

Extreme Products Inchas earned a reputation for providing only the highest quality products to the Drilling and Mining Industries worldwide. Our line of products, from In-The-Hole Hammers and Bits, to Drill Pipe, Drilling Fluids and Additives, Core Boxes, Breather Tubing and Grout Tubing, has you covered from start to finish. In today’s competitive economy it becomes incredibly important to minimize downtime and maximize productivity on your job site, using high quality products will ensure you can complete your contracts trouble free.

Extreme Products Incs’ knowledgeable employees are Drilling Fluid Engineers and Global Drilling Fluid Experts who are committed to insuring you have the correct product for your application and constant support until your job is complete.

Simply stated…We have the knowledge and experience needed to help you select the correct products for your application and on-site consultation to solve any other problems you may encounter on your drill site.