Environmental Policy

Extreme Products Inc. is committed to the protection and preservation of Canada’s beautiful environment. A vast majority of our products are NSF 60 certified and either Environmentally Friendly or Biodegradable.

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Toxicity/Environmental Data

All of the applications of Baroid Industrial Drilling Products products are in the near surface environment. What this really means is, everywhere our products are used they could potentially come in contact with the ground surface or intersect potable water sources. As such we are committed to the prevention of pollution to the environment and to the safety of all who may come in contact with our products. A great deal of time, money and resources are invested during product development to ensure our products have no undue environmental impact and are safe to use at their intended concentrations and for the purposes intended for their use. All of our products are tested in our in-house bioassay laboratories to determine toxicity data and then verified by outside sources. Many viable products are discontinued at this step in development due to poor bioassay results. Baroid IDP is committed to safety and environmental responsibility.

General safety and environmental information is available on our material safety data sheets. Please access the MSDS search function link on the lower left hand side of this page. (Link Inserted Here.) If you need detailed, product-specific toxicity or environmental information, please contact us at (877)379-7412 (toll free) or (281)871-4613, or via e-mail idp@baroid.com.”