Extreme Heat Water Line Heaters


The Oil fired model is simple to operate and is virtually trouble free.
It comes with an advanced technology forced air oil burner with a high-limit safety switch for maximum efficiency; 120 Volt AC and 12 Volt DC Burners are available.
The 120 Volt Burner can be plugged into a Genset or any other 120 Volt AC Power outlet.
The 12 Volt burner is powered by a battery and alternator system.
The alternator is supplied with fittings to install and is driven by the supply pump.
The power cords are all heavy duty.
With the flick of a switch it ignites and delivers hot water in 3 minutes.

The Propane model utilizes the major improvements of the same easy flow coil design. An improved torch design provides an efficient and stable flame.
The torch, a torch holder flange adapter, a propane regulator and lines for a four bottle installation are included in the Propane Kit.

The Oil Fired Water Line Heaters are available with a High Limit Safety Switch.
This switch is designed to trip if the water temperature exceeds a preset temperature.
The Propane Fired Water Line Heaters are available with a Safety Shut-Off Torch.