Public Domain photo of the Port of Vancouver.



We ship worldwide, either full container loads or LTL. Our success in shipping relies on our experienced personnel who use quality, heavy duty shipping and packing materials. We have excellent rates for domestic and North American freight shipments and our products are packaged as if every shipment is a “long haul” shipment. This way our customers receive our product in the same condition it left our warehouse.

On Site Consultation

At Extreme Products Inc. we have access to all the right remedies, equipment and job site expertise. We are backed by the best in drill site support services. Whether at the job site, in your office or in our lab, we know your needs and are willing to get our hands dirty and our boots muddy to help you solve your problems.

Extreme Products Inc. provides engineered fluid solutions to maximize well bore value. Whether your goal is to maximize water production from your well, pull in a product line, or achieve 100% core recovery, we can help you get there.

Our knowledgeable staff is available for on site visits on an on-call basis. If you are not seeing the results you expect usually a phone call will be enough to set you on the correct path, but if a phone call is not enough we will come to your site and engineer a mud program to alleviate any existing problems you may have.